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UNODC. 2013 ‘Homicide in 207 Countries - Netherlands Antilles.’ Global Study on Homicide 2011: Trends, Context, Data; Statistical Annex (Table 9.1), p. 106. Vienna: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 26 June

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Homicide in the Netherlands Antilles

Year: Homicides - HomRate - Gun% - GunHom - GunRate (Source)

2010: nr
2009: nr
2008: nr
2007: nr
2006: nr
2005: nr
2004: nr
2003: nr
2002: nr
2001: nr
2000: nr
1999: nr - 7.7 - nr - nr - nr (PAHO)
1998: nr - 9.8 - nr - nr - nr (PAHO)
1997: nr - 7.5 - nr - nr - nr (PAHO)
1996: nr - 8.5 - nr - nr - nr (PAHO)
1995: nr

Homicides: Count (number per annum) of homicides by all methods
HomRate: Annual rate of homicide (all methods) per 100,000 population
Gun%: Percentage of all homicides committed with a firearm
GunHom: Count (number per annum) of homicides committed with a firearm
GunRate: Annual rate of firearm homicide per 100,000 population
Source: Data source or sources cited by UNODC
OR: Alternative figures provided by different sources
NR: Not reported

[PAHO = Pan American Health Organisation's Core Health Data System]

Data for 1995-2010 were collated from three online UNODC spreadsheets:
- Homicide level for 2010, or latest available year (Homicides_by_firearms.xls)
- Homicide data series to be used for trends analyses (Homicide_data_series.xls)
- Homicides by firearms (Homicide_level.xlsx)
And from Table 9.1 of the hard-copy UNODC 2011 report (pp. 104-113)

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