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Gobinet, Pierre. 2011 ‘Military Firearm Stocks and Surpluses - Montenegro.’ Significant Surpluses: Weapons and Ammunition Stockpiles in South-east Europe; Special Report No. 13 (Table 2), p. 26. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, and the Regional Approach to Stockpile Reduction / RASR. 1 December

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Military Firearm Stocks and Surpluses - Montenegro

Table 2: Small arms and light weapons surplus stockpiles in RASR participating countries, 2011 (pieces)

Country: Total Stockpile - Needs - Declared Surplus in 2011

Montenegro: 28,000 (46) - 15,000 (47) - 13,000 (48)

Sources cited:

46) Montenegro. 2011. 'Montenegro Demilitarization—MONDEM.' Paper presented at the 11th South-East Europe Clearinghouse Conference. Belgrade, 25–27 May.

47, 48) Montenegro. 2011. 'Questionnaire for Montenegrin MoD Authorities and Demilitarization Experts' (pp. 2-3). Unpublished.

Note: The country case study sections in this Special Report provide detailed breakdowns of the above figures, if available.

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