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Vanuatu. 2002 ‘An Act to Validate the Purchase of Certain Firearms.’ Firearms and Ammunition Special Purchase Act (2002) (No. 5). Port Vila: Parliament of Vanuatu. 31 December

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An Act to validate the purchase of certain firearms, ammunition and other related items by the Government

1) Special purchase of firearms, ammunition and other related items

The Government Contracts and Tenders Act No. 10 of 1998 does not apply to the purchase by the Government of the following which were delivered to the Vanuatu Police in August 2000:

(a) 5 semi automatic pistols (38 mm);[sic.]*
(b) 20 semi automatic pistols (22 mm);[sic]*
(c) 50 semi automatic pistols (9mm);
(d) 10,000 rounds of ammunition;
(e) 50 handcuffs, 50 whistles and 50 batons.

2) Commencement

This Act is taken to have commenced on 12 July 2000.

[Editor's note: *These two calibres are more likely to be imperial than metric. For 38mm read .38 inch, and for 22mm read .22 inch. The .38mm 'semi-automatic pistols' could instead be revolvers in that calibre.]

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