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Herron, Patrick, Jasna Lazarevic, Nic Marsh and Matt Schroeder. 2011 ‘Larger but Less Known: Authorized Light Weapons Transfers.’ Small Arms Survey 2011: States of Security; Chapter 1, p. 9. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press and the Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 6 July

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Global Trade in Small Arms

This study is the third instalment of the Small Arms Survey's multi-year assessment of authorized international transfers of small arms and light weapons, their parts, accessories, and ammunition, previously valued at USD 4 billion per year (Small Arms Survey, 2006, pp. 66–67).

This chapter estimates the annual total value of international authorized ransfers of light weapons at USD 1.1 billion. Combining this value with the revised estimate for authorized transfers of firearms (USD 1.68 billion)(1) and ammunition for small arms and light weapons (USD 4.3 billion) yields a running (incomplete) total of nearly USD 7.1 billion per year.(2)

1) This value includes an estimated USD 100 million in undocumented firearms transfers.
2) See Small Arms Survey (2009, pp. 28–31; 2010, pp. 17–20) for the methods used to arrive at estimates for the authorized trade in firearms and ammunition for small arms and light weapons.

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