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Kohli, Anil, Aaron Karp and Sonal Marwah. 2011 ‘The Geography of Indian Firearm Fatalities.’ Mapping Murder: The Geography of Indian Firearm Fatalities; IAVA Issue Brief No. 2, p. 1. New Delhi: India Armed Violence Assessment / IAVA and the Small Arms Survey, Geneva. 20 September

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The Geography of Indian Firearm Fatalities

- Roughly 40 million civilian-owned firearms are in India, out of an estimated 650 million civilian guns worldwide. About 6.3 million of the 40 million firearms - just over 15 per cent - are licensed [registered].

- From 1999 to 2008 the total number of reported deaths from firearms, including suicides and accidents, fell by nearly half, from 12,147 in 1999 to 6,219 in 2008.

- Murders by gunfire in India totalled 4,101 in 2008, or 12.2 per cent of all 33,727 murders [homicides] that year.

- The decline in the rate of murder committed with firearms is especially striking compared to trends in other violent crimes, which declined only slightly during this period.

- Unlicensed firearms account for 86 to 92 per cent of reported firearm-related murders, depending on the year.

- Just three states - Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh - accounted for almost two-thirds (62.4 per cent) of all victims reportedly murdered by firearms in 2008.

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