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Alpers, Philip, Robert Muggah and Conor Twyford. 2004 ‘Trouble in Paradise: Home-made firearms.’ Small Arms Survey 2004: Rights at Risk; Box 9.1, p. 288. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1 July

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Home-made Firearms

[T]he relative importance of home-made weapons in the Pacific has often been overstated. In reality, a length of water pipe firing mismatched and/or ancient ammunition can be as dangerous to the user as it is to the target, and craft manufacture is seen as a last resort.

Single-shot, smoothbore pistols and long guns are the only home-made firearms discovered to date, and these cannot be compared in terms of range, accuracy, and firepower to mass-produced, repeating firearms with rifled barrels and matched ammunition.

There is no evidence of local production of rifled barrels, nor of multi-shot firing mechanisms such as pump-action or lever-action, semi-automatic or automatic firearms in the south-western Pacific.

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