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Godnick, William and Helena Vasquez. 2003 ‘El Salvador: Small Arms Control.’ Small Arms Control in Central America: Monitoring the Implementation of Small Arms Control Projects (MISAC); Latin America Series No. 2, pp. 17-18. London: International Alert, Security and Peacebuilding Programme. 1 June

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El Salvador: Small Arms Control

The Ministry of National Defence (MDN) and the PNC are the two institutions with the greatest responsibility in the control of firearms circulation and use in El Salvador, with the MDN working on the arms control and registry side and the PNC on the enforcement end.

In 1998 and 1999, the Salvadoran congress debated and passed a new law on firearms … While the law was significantly better than its predecessor, it did allow civilians to own automatic weapons such as assault rifles, as long as their mechanisms for automatic fire were removed or disabled.

In 2002, 14 additional reforms were made and 30 new articles were added to the Arms Law. Among the most important changes were: the increased criminalisation of violations of the law with the establishment of a schedule of fines; greater restrictions on the public places where individuals may carry firearms; the development of a psychological test for all persons applying for a firearm user licence; and the categorisation of re-exporting arms, munitions or explosives imported from abroad to third countries without prior notification as encouraged in the Inter-American Convention.

[PNC: National Civil Police]

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