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Parker, Sarah. 2011 ‘Balancing Act: Regulation of Civilian Firearm Possession.’ Small Arms Survey 2011: States of Security; Chapter 9 (Table 9.2), p. 271. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 6 July

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Table 9.2 - Overview of Prohibited and Restricted Firearms for Civilian Possession


No specific prohibitions or restrictions (and automatic firearms and automatic pistols are included in the definition of 'arms'), but very strict provisions on who can possess a gun: only target shooters and, in very exceptional cases, for personal protection.

- Penalty for Possessing Prohibited Firearm: unlawful possession of any arm, including automatic arms: 5-10 years and 6+ strokes of the cane

- Registration: details of the firearm must be recorded; details of the owner or licensed person must be recorded; details of the licence, permit, or authorization must be recorded - plus the nature of the arms licensed, any identification marks, and any licence conditions; dealers keep records of sales

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