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Flew, Catherine and Angus Urquhart. 2004 ‘Controls on Civilian Possession and Use: Offences/Penalties.’ Strengthening Small Arms controls: An Audit of Small Arms Control Legislation in the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa - Eritrea, p. 18. London: Saferworld / SaferAfrica. 1 February

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Controls on Civilian Possession and Use: Offences/Penalties

Current national legislative controls:

Transitional Penal Code
Art. 763

Control of Arms and Ammunition Whosoever, apart from the cases of traffic punishable under the Penal Code (Art 475):

(a) Contravenes the rules and regulation concerning the making and declaration, the trade in, possession or delivery, control or use of firearms or other weapons, and ammunition; or

(b) knowingly sells or delivers to persons not entitled to receive them, and in particular to infants or young persons, arms and ammunition or allows them to dispose of them without supervision, is punishable with fine or arrest.

Art. 764

Carrying and use of prohibited Arms Whosoever is found carrying in a public place an arm which he was not authorized to carry, or makes use of an arm, even though authorized, at a time when or in a place where such use is prohibited, is punishable with a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars or arrest not exceeding eight days.


Fines and arrest are applicable for the illicit possession and use of small arms but the potential severity of these penalties is not stated.

For the offence of carrying an unauthorised arm in public, penalties of a fine of $100 or 8 days in prison are very weak.

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