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South Africa. 2004 ‘Registers in Respect of a Manufacturer.’ Firearms Control Regulations, 2004; Chapter 5 - Part 3 (Section 47). Pretoria: Department of Safety and Security. 26 March

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47. Registers in Respect of a Manufacturer

2) Every manufacturer must keep an electronic database known as the "Ammunition Stock Register", in respect of all ammunition wherein the following particulars must be recorded:
a) on the debit-side:
i) the calibre, make and quantity of all ammunition manufactured, purchased or acquired;
ii) the lot number and the date of manufacture or receipt; and
iii) in the case of the ammunition being purchased or acquired -
aa) the person from whom it was purchased or acquired; and
bb) the reason for the purchase or acquiring.

b) on the credit side:
i) the lot number and the date of sale or use by the manufacturer of the ammunition;
ii) the calibre, make and quantity of ammunition sold or used by the manufacturer;
iii) the name, address and dealer's licence number of the dealer to whom the ammunition is sold; or
iv) the particulars of the State department to whom the ammunition was sold; or
v) the name and address of the person to whom the ammunition was exported to together with the particulars of the export permit issued under the Actor the National Conventional Arms Control Act, 2002 (Act No. 41 of 2002), as the case may be; and
vi) the date of collection and the signature of the dealer or relevant State official to whom the ammunition was delivered.

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