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South Africa. 2004 ‘Conditions in Respect of a Manufacturer's Licence.’ Firearms Control Regulations, 2004; Chapter 5 - Part 3 (Section 41). Pretoria: Department of Safety and Security. 26 March

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41. Conditions in Respect of a Manufacturer's Licence

The Registrar may impose the following conditions in respect of a manufacturer's licence:…

b) the section of the business premises specified in the licence in which the firearms and ammunition are manufactured or stored must, during working hours, be under the immediate control of the holder of the manufacturer's licence or, if authorised thereto by the Registrar in writing, a person nominated by the holder of the manufacturer' licence to supervise the final assembly of the firearms;
c) the holder of the manufacturer's licence may only acquire and keep in stock the calibre ammunition necessary for the testing of a firearm manufactured under the licence;
d) all manufactured firearms and main firearm components must be stored in a prescribed safe or strongroom as specified in the licence during all hours other than working hours;
e) during any period when the licensed premises are closed for business purposes all ammunition and any other explosive component of the ammunition which are on the premises, must be locked in a strong-room or safe which has been approved in terms of the Explosives Act, 1956 (Act No.26 of 1956) and specified on the licence;
f) on every firearm manufactured under the provisions of the Act, a manufacturer's serial number must be stamped on it;
g) a manufacturer's serial number must, on request of the manufacturer, be allocated by the Registrar;
h) the manufacturer's serial number must be stamped on the firearm in accordance with the provisions of section 23(2) of the Act read with regulation 28(2) before the manufacturing has been completed;
i) the manufacturer must stamp the inscription "made in South Africa" and the manufacturer's trade name on the barrel, frame or receiver of the firearm;
j) testing of a firearm must only be done at a shooting range or tunnel approved by the Registrar by a person who holds a competency certificate;
k) the licence shall only authorise the manufacturing of firearms or calibre of ammunition, or both that is specified thereon;…

p) ammunition manufactured under a manufacturer's licence, excluding ammunition contemplated in subparagraph (o), must be individually identified by a unique head stamp or marking approved by the Registrar that identifies the manufacturer;
q) the firearms and ammunition that are possessed on the authority of a manufacturer's licence must be transported on behalf of the holder of the manufacturer's licence only by a person whose name appears on the licence or in the register contemplated in regulation 47(5) or by the holder of a firearm transporter's permit and such transportation must comply with the requirements of regulation 68(1)(a) to (c);
r) any main firearm component that is rejected by the manufacturer due to its unacceptability for use, must immediately after its rejection be destroyed by the manufacturer by making it totally inoperative;…

u) a manufacturer may not employ a person who has been declared unfit to possess a firearm under Chapter 12 of the Act in a position who has access to a completed manufactured firearm or ammunition.

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