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Kenya. 1954 ‘Rules under Section 45.’ Subsidiary Legislation: The Firearms Rules. Nairobi: Republic of Kenya. 1 January

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Subsidiary Legislation: The Firearms Rules

G.N.2062/1953, L.N.144/1963, L.N.400/1963, L.N.104/1964, L.N.124/1964, L.N.187/1968. L.N.86/82. L.N.168/89. L.N.60/90. L.N.61/90, L.N.3/2001

Rules under Section 45…

4. (1) No firearms dealer shall sell, issue or return to any person except to another firearms dealer, any firearm, or any barrel, bolt or chamber of a firearm, unless the firearm or part bears a mark or number of identification.
(2) Every firearms dealer shall maintain equipment for the purpose of stamping marks and numbers of identification on firearms and parts of firearms in accordance with this rule.
(3) Every firearms dealer shall comply with any directions given by the licensing officer of his area concerning the firearms or parts to be stamped, the manner in which stamping is to be effected and the marks or numbers to be used.
(4) Every firearms dealer shall maintain securely under lock and key an accurate register of marks in the form prescribed, and shall record therein every mark or number of identification stamped by him, together with the make, type and calibre of the firearm or part stamped, the name and address of the person to whom it is issued and the mark or number of the firearm, if any, to which a part so stamped is affixed.

5. Every person required under the Act and these Rules to keep a dealer's register of transactions shall comply with any directions which may be given to him by a licensing officer concerning the manner in which the register shall be kept and entries made 'herein.

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