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Flew, Catherine and Angus Urquhart. 2004 ‘Record Keeping.’ Strengthening Small Arms controls: An Audit of Small Arms Control Legislation in the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa - Sudan, pp. 29-31. London: Saferworld / SaferAfrica. 1 February

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Licence Register

Art. 17

(1) The licensing authority must, when licensing any firearm or renewing a licence, maintain a licence register, in which the following information should be recorded:
(A) The serial number.
(B) The name, age and address of the licensee.
(C) The certification number and date.
(D) The certifying authority.
(E) The fees paid.
(F) The details and description of the weapon, as follows:
(1) The number of licensed items, if more than one.
(2) The type of item.
(3) The calibre.
(4) The make of the item.
(5) Details of ownership transfers.
(6) The number of the weapon.
(G) Renewal details.

(2) The licensing authority must maintain a register of annual renewals of district licences, which should
contain the following information:
(A) The district from which the licence was acquired.
(B) The licence number.
(C) The name and address of the licensee.
(D) The fees paid and the date of payment.

(3) The provincial police chiefs must send returns to the Head of the Crime Prevention Department every six months giving the number of weapons and ammunition and the names of those who have been granted firearms licences.


The national legislation broadly conforms to the regional and international agreements but falls short in a few key areas.

The licensing authority maintains a record of licences issued for the civilian possession of small
arms, and these records are sent to the Head of the Crime Prevention Department.

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