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Flew, Catherine and Angus Urquhart. 2004 ‘Record Keeping.’ Strengthening Small Arms controls: An Audit of Small Arms Control Legislation in the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa - Sudan, pp. 29-31. London: Saferworld / SaferAfrica. 1 February

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Record Keeping

Current National Legislative Controls

The Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Act, 1986

Art. 11

(1) There shall be registered, in the prescribed manner, any complete arm, or any part, or parts of an incomplete arm, or any ammunition, forthwith deposit thereof, in a public warehouse, in such manner, as the licensing authority may prescribe. Where such arms, or part of an arm, or package of ammunition does not near a mark, or number, to identify the same, it shall be stamped, marked by a mark, or given such number, as may be sufficient for identification thereof.
(2) There shall be registered, in the prescribed manner, all the arms imported, for the purpose of trading therein, to the effect of such purpose, upon depositing the same, for the first time, in a public warehouse, and upon every transfer, from such warehouse, to any other public, or private warehouse.

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