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Flew, Catherine and Angus Urquhart. 2004 ‘Controls on Civilian Possession and Use: Offences/Penalties.’ Strengthening Small Arms controls: An Audit of Small Arms Control Legislation in the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa - Sudan, p. 28. London: Saferworld / SaferAfrica. 1 February

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Controls on Civilian Possession and Use: Offences/Penalties

The Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Act, 1986

Art. 45

(1) Any person, who commits any of the contraventions, mentioned in Column I, of the Schedule hereto, shall be punished, with the penalty specified for such contravention, Column III of the same Schedule.

(2) In case of the conviction of any person, for contravention of the provisions of this Act, the court may, in addition to the prescribed penalty, issue an order to revoke the licence, and confiscate the arms, with respect to which the contravention has been committed, and may, order the confiscation of any means of conveyance, warehouse or house, or any other estate, which has been used for the conveyance, or storage of the arm subject of the contravention.

(3) Without prejudice, what is set out in subsection (2), such court, after passing the decision of the court for confiscation of the arms, the subject of trail, shall issue an order to deliver the arms, to the Arms Corps of the a People's Armed Forces.


No. 2 Loading, unloading or conveyance of arms without a permit (Art. 9) Imprisonment, for a term not exceeding five years, and fine.

No. 4 Deposit and withdrawal of arms, from a private warehouse therefore, without permit (Art. 15)
Imprisonment, for a term not less than five years, and fine.

No. 5 Sale, transfer and disposal of arms, in contravention of this Act (Art. 18) Imprisonment, for a term not less than seven years, and fine.

No. 12 Possession, use or carrying arm, without licence (Art. 26) (1) Imprisonment, for a term, not less than two years, and fine; or (2) Death, or imprisonment, or a term, not less than ten years, in such areas, as the President of the Republic, by an order thereof, may specify.

No. 15 Any other contravention. Imprisonment, for a term, not less than five years, and fine.

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