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Singapore. 2003 ‘Minister May Prohibit Exportation by Notification.’ Arms and Explosives Act 2003 (Chapter 13) [Revised Edition with Amendments to 2010]; Part II (Section 9). Singapore: Parliament of Singapore. 21 March

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Minister May Prohibit Exportation by Notification

9. —(1) The Minister may, by notification published in the Gazette, prohibit for a period in the notification to be mentioned the exportation from Singapore, either absolutely, or to any country, territory or place outside Singapore, or may permit exportation or removal subject to such conditions, limitations or restrictions as he considers necessary in the notification to be specified, or the removal from place to place in Singapore, of all or any of the following articles:
(a) guns, arms, explosives or any specified class of explosives, aircraft, armoured cars, tanks, naval, military or air force stores or any war material including any poisonous or noxious gas or noxious substance;
(b) articles which, in the opinion of the Minister, are capable of being converted into or of being made useful for manufacturing any of the said articles;
(c) provisions or any sort of victuals which may be used as food for man.

(2) Any person who exports or removes, or attempts to export or remove, any article in contravention of any notification issued under this section or in breach of the restrictions and conditions subject to or upon which any licence is issued shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000.

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