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AEFJN. 2010 ‘Arms Exports and Transfers: Africa to Africa.’ Arms Exports and Transfers: From Sub-Saharan Africa to Sub-Saharan Africa; Table 1.2, p. 8. Brussels: Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN). 1 December

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Table 1.2: Arms Exports and Transfers: Africa to Africa

Intra-Continental Arms Exports and Transfers


Libya is known to send arms to Sudan, to both the government through official sales and to various rebel groups in embargoed areas. In 2008, Libya sold one transport aircraft, ammunition for tanks, and an unspecified amount of rockets for combat helicopter use to Chad. Although these sales are legitimate, Chad and Libya both are known to divert officially imported arms to embargoed and conflict zones such as Darfur and Eastern Chad, respectively.


Although there is not much information, there are reports that Sudan has exported weapons to Algeria.


Reportedly, Burundi receives shipments of light weapons from Tanzania.

South Africa

In 2008 the well-known case of the ship docked in Durban, South Africa ready to offload arms shipped from China to Zimbabwe at a time when political violence in the country had reached unprecedented levels. Human rights activists fearing the arms would be used against civilians seen as enemies of the State, worked tirelessly to ensure the arms would not find their way into Zimbabwe. A South African judge ruled that the cargo of rocket-propelled grenades, mortar rounds and ammunition could not be transported overland.

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