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Pézard, Stéphanie and Savannah de Tessières. 2009 ‘Weapons Used in Acts of Violence.’ Insecurity is Also a War: An Assessment of Armed Violence in Burundi, p. 103. Geneva: Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development Secretariat / Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies,. 1 January

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Weapons Used in Acts of Violence

The 1,535 cases of armed violence recorded by the Observatory of Armed Violence in 2008 reveal that firearms are the weapon most commonly used, featuring in 58 per cent of cases. The other types of weapon used are grenades (22%), bladed weapons (18% - mainly knives and machetes), clubs (including truncheons and bludgeons), ropes, stones, and poison…

Different weapons are used depending on the motive for the act of violence. The number of firearms used to commit theft is disproportionately high relative to other types of weapons. According to one interview, only firearms represent a powerful enough threat for assailants to achieve their ends; bladed weapons such as machetes are less 'convincing' and are thus rarely used.

The weapons used in cases of banditry are mainly automatic rifles of the Kalashnikov type, craft weapons (mugobore), and grenades. Yet bladed weapons such as machetes are more frequently used in acts of domestic violence or between neighbours.

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