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Cook, Philip J, Jens Ludwig and Douglas J Besharov, ed.. 2006 ‘Aiming for Evidence-based Gun Policy.’ Journal of Policy Analysis and Management: Policy Retrospectives; 25:3 (Summer), p. 704. Maryland: Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. 1 June

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Dealer Background Checks

The GCA [Gun Control Act, 1968] stipulates that anyone in the business of selling guns obtain a federal license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Only licensed dealers can receive mail-order shipments of guns. Licensed dealers must require buyers to show identification and complete a form attesting that they are eligible to obtain a firearm. Information on the sale must be kept permanently on file.

A number of states have stipulated additional requirements for a legal sale of a handgun, including a requirement of a criminal record check on potential buyers.

In 1994, background checks in handgun sales by dealers became mandatory in all states as a result of the federal Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, a requirement that was extended to long-gun sales in 1998.

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