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Pézard, Stéphanie and Anne-Kathrin Glatz. 2010 ‘Mauritanian Army Weapons.’ Arms in and Around Mauritania: National and Regional Security Implications; Occasional Paper No. 24, p. 13. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 1 June

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Mauritanian Army Weapons

According to [Jane's Information Group], the Mauritanian army … is equipped with the following small arms: 9 mm French pistols (MAC-50, MAB PA-15); Russian 7.62 mm pistols (Tokarev); French and US rifles (MAS-49/56, FR F1, M1); French and Spanish sub-machine guns (MAT-49 and Star Z-45); and Belgian, French, German, and US machine guns (FN MAG, AAT-52, MG42, Browning M1919A4, and Browning M2 HB).

This list is very probably incomplete; it does not mention the Kalashnikovs with which many of the soldiers are equipped. It should also be observed that most of the models are old, even obsolete. Among the small arms mentioned above, only the FN MAG and the Browning M2 HB are still being produced today.

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Jane's Information Group, 2009b. "World Armies: Mauritania." Jane's World Armies. 25 February.

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