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Tonga. 1969 ‘Disposal of Arms and Ammunition.’ Chapter 39A. Arms and Ammunition Regulations, 1969 [1988 Revised Edition]; Section 5. Nuku'alofa: Privy Council. 28 February

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5. Disposal of Arms and Ammunition

(1) Any arm or ammunition deposited for safe keeping at any police station in
accordance with the provisions of section 33(3) of the Principal Act, if not taken possession of by the lawful owner thereof within 12 months from the date of such deposit, shall be disposed of by the Minister of Police unless the Minister of Police has reason to believe that the lawful owner intends to take possession of such arm or ammunition.

(2) Any arm or ammunition detained under sections 25 and 30 of the Principal Act which has to be disposed of under section 34 of the Principal Act, shall be disposed of as the Minister deems fit.

(3) In either of the above cases if the arm or ammunition is sold, the proceeds of such sale, less expenses, shall be paid to the owner of the arm or ammunition:
Provided that if the whereabouts of the owner cannot be ascertained the proceeds of such sale shall be paid into general revenue.

(4) The Minister of Police, at least one month prior to such disposal, shall
advertise in at least one edition of any newspaper regularly circulating in the Kingdom his intention of disposing of such arm or ammunition, and naming the owner thereof.

(5) Any arm or ammunition forfeited under the provisions of the Principal Act may be disposed of as directed by the Minister of Police.

(6) Where under this regulation arms and ammunition are directed to be disposed of, they may, if a suitable purchaser is available, be sold.

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