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Tonga. 1969 ‘Dealers and Repairers.’ Chapter 39A. Arms and Ammunition Regulations, 1969 [1988 Revised Edition]; Section 4. Nuku'alofa: Privy Council. 28 February

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4. Dealers and Repairers

It shall be a condition of a licence to deal in and repair arms and ammunition —
(a) that the holder of such licence (hereinafter referred to as the Licensee), or his servants employed in the ordinary course of business of such holders shall observe the provisions of the Principal Act and of any Regulations made thereunder;
(b) that the Licensee or his servants employed as aforesaid shall not part with possession of any arm or ammunition except to a person lawfully entitled to the possession thereof;
(c) that the Licensee or his servants employed as aforesaid shall obey all lawful orders of any police officer relating to any arm or ammunition in his or their possession;
(d) that the Licensee shall not have in his possession any ammunition in excess of the quantity specified in his licence;
(e) that any arm and ammunition in the possession of the Licensee shall not be used for any unlawful purpose;
(f) that the Licensee shall ensure that proper records required under the Principal Act are maintained by him in the prescribed form.

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