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Papua New Guinea. 1978 ‘Application for Licences.’ Firearms Act (1978); Part IX (Section 39). Port Moresby: National Parliament. 1 January

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39. Application for Licences

(1) A person may apply, in the prescribed form, to the Registrar for the issue or renewal of an ammunition dealer's licence.

(2) An application under this section shall contain the following particulars–
(a) the exact location of the building or premises where the applicant proposes to conduct his business;
(b) the type of building or premises and the material used in its construction;
(c) whether or not the applicant is the sole occupier of the building or premises;
(d) what portion (if any) of the building or premises, proposed to be used for
the business of an ammunition dealer, is proposed to be used for living quarters;
(e) whether at the time of application the building or premises is or are used to conduct any other type of business, and, if so, what type of business;
(f) what provisions have been made or are proposed to be made for the storage and security of ammunition and the general security of the building;
(g) whether or not the applicant proposes to reside in the building or on the
premises, as distinct from the portion of the building or premises, used for the business, and whether or not he does in fact reside there.

(3) If the Registrar is satisfied –
(a) that the applicant is a fit and proper person to carry on the trade or
business of dealing in firearms; and
(b) that the particulars furnished in accordance with Subsection (2) in relation to the application do not show a substantial reason why a licence should not be issued to the applicant; and
(c) [Repealed.]
(d) on receipt of the prescribed fee–issue or renew a gun dealer's licence in
the prescribed form to an applicant for a gun dealer's licence; or
(e) [Repealed.]

(4) The fee for the issue or renewal of an ammunition dealer's licence is as

(5) A licence issued or renewed under this section remains in force until 30
June next following the date on which it is issued or renewed, unless it is sooner cancelled.

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