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Papua New Guinea. 1978 ‘Permits Not to be Issued to Certain Persons.’ Firearms Act (1978); Part VI (Section 21). Port Moresby: National Parliament. 1 January

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21. Permits Not to be Issued to Certain Persons

(1) The Registrar shall not issue a permit to carry a firearm to a person unless
he is satisfied that the person –
(a) is a person who can reasonably be permitted to possess and use that firearm; and
(b) is of or over 18 years of age; and
(c) has not been sentenced to imprisonment on conviction for an offence against this Act or any other offence arising out of or in relation to his possession or use of a firearm; and
(d) has a substantial reason for carrying that firearm, and that the person in whose name the firearm is registered or licensed, as the case may be, has consented to the issue of the permit.

(2) The Registrar shall not issue a permit to carry a high-powered firearm or a
pistol to a person who is not allowed to obtain a high-powered firearm licence or a pistol licence under Section 28.

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