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Papua New Guinea. 1978 ‘Revocation of Firearm Licences.’ Firearms Act (1978); Part IV (Section 12). Port Moresby: National Parliament. 1 January

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12. Revocation of Firearm Licences

(1) Where the Registrar is satisfied –
(a) that the owner of a licensed firearm –
(i) is a person under the age of 18 years; or
(ii) has been convicted of an offence against this Act; or
(iii) has been convicted of an offence, otherwise than under this Act, arising out of or in connection with his possession or use of a firearm; or
(iv) has been convicted of an offence against a law in force in the country involving violence; or
(v) is not, in the opinion of the Registrar, a fit and proper person to own a firearm; or
(vi) has no substantial reason, or has ceased to have a substantial reason, for requiring the firearm; or
(vii) cannot reasonably be permitted to have in his possession, to use and to carry the firearm without danger to the public safety or to the peace; or
(b) that a firearm is not safe or fit for use,
he may revoke the licence in respect of that firearm.

(2) Where the Registrar revokes the licence in respect of a firearm, he shall–
(a) promptly cause written notice of the revocation to be served on the owner of the firearm either personally or by post; and
(b) enter particulars of the revocation in the Register of Firearms.

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