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Fiji. 2003 ‘Exemption from Arms Licences.’ Arms and Ammunition Act; Part 3 (Section 5). Suva: Office of the Attorney-General. 1 January

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Exemption from Arms Licences

5. (1) The following are exempted from the operation of section 4:
(a) carriers and their employees, authorised in writing by the Commissioner, having in their possession in the ordinary course of business of the carriers and not for use arms or ammunition for which a licence has been issued and is in force in respect of such arms or ammunition only;
(b) a member of a rifle club or association or a miniature rifle club or association approved by the Minister in respect of any arms or ammunition used by the member solely for the lawful purposes of the club or association;
(c) the President as the Commander-in-Chief;
(d) a member of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces or any foreign armed forces lawfully in the Fiji Islands, the Fiji Police Force (including the special constabulary) or the Fiji Prison Service in respect of any arms or ammunition possessed, used or carried in the course of his or her lawful duty;
(e) the crew and passengers of any vessel, other than a vessel solely engaged in carrying goods or passengers within the Fiji Islands in respect of arms or ammunition which are part of the ordinary armament of the vessel, or which are in or upon the vessel and required for the service of it or kept for or on behalf of the crew or passenger;
(f) any public officer or class of public officers exempted by the Minister by notice in the Gazette in respect of the arms or ammunition specified in the exemption;
(g) a licensed arms dealer or manufacturer and his or her employees in respect of arms or ammunition in their possession in the ordinary course of business of a licensed arms dealer or manufacturer
(h) any member of a theatrical or circus company while under interim import licence in respect of arms or ammunition used in the theatrical performance.

(2) A person exempted under subsection (1)(b), (c), (d) and (g) must:
(a) be issued with a certificate of exemption in the prescribed form; and
(b) provide, annually in writing to the Commissioner, particulars of any arms in his or her possession in respect of which no licence is in force, with the name of the maker of the arms and any number or marked on the arms for purposes of identification.

(3) A person exempted under subsection (1)(e) must, after declaring the arms or ammunition with a Customs Officer:
(a) take the arms or ammunition to the nearest police armoury for storage until the vessel leaves the Fiji Islands; or
(b) store the arms or ammunition on the vessel in accordance with any conditions imposed by the Commissioner.

(4) A person who contravenes subsection (3) commits an offence.

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