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Fiji. 2003 ‘Issue and Renewal of Arms Licences.’ Arms and Ammunition Act; Part 3 (Section 6). Suva: Office of the Attorney-General. 1 January

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Issue and Renewal of Arms Licences

6. (1) A person may, in the prescribed form and accompanied by the prescribed fee, apply for an arms licence to the Commissioner through an authorised officer.

(2) The Commissioner may grant or refuse to grant an application for any arms licence.

(3) The Commissioner must, in person, sign an arms licence granted under this section.

(4) An arms licence must be granted only to a natural person.

(5) An arms licence must not be granted to a person unless the person has a certificate from the authorised officer through which it is made stating that the person:
(a) is competent to handle, use, store, possess and control arms and ammunition; and
(b) has passed a practical and written examination approved by the Commissioner and conducted by an authorised officer relating to the handling, use, storage, possession and control of arms and ammunition, including knowledge of the relevant provisions of this Act and the regulations.

(6) On an application for any arms licence:
(a) by a person who has not previously held an arms licence under this Act or the repealed Act; or
(b) in respect of any arms which has not previously been licensed in the Fiji Islands,
the licence must not be issued unless the arms has been first produced for inspection by the authorised officer who received application and the officer has certified the inspection of the arms to the Commissioner.

(7) Subject to section 4(2), an arms licence expires on 31st December next following the date of issue.

(8) When any arms licence is granted by the Commissioner, an authorised officer of the police station nearest to where the holder of the licence resides must enter the particulars of the licence in a register kept at the police station.

(9) It is a condition of every arms licence:
(a) that a photograph of the person named in the licence is kept attached to the arms licence; and
(b) that the person named in it carries the licence whenever carrying the arms to which it relates.

(10) An arms licence may be renewed by the Commissioner on an application made through an authorised officer by the holder of the licence in the prescribed form and accompanied by the prescribed fee.

(11) A renewed licence is subject to the other provisions of this section as if it were a new licence.

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