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Rwanda. 2009 ‘Requirements for Brokers.’ Official Gazette No 52 bis of December 28, 2009, Law No 33/2009 of November 18, 2009, Relating to Arms; Articles 60, 61 and 62, pp. 126-128. Kigali: Parliament of the Republic of Rwanda. 18 November

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Article 60: Requirements for Brokers

Brokers may acquire, sell or transport arms, ammunition and other related materials.

For a person to be authorized to act as arm broker, he/she shall be required to be recorded in an appropriate register kept by the National Police…

Article 61: Special Authorization Granted to Brokers

A broker shall have special authorization issued by the Minister in charge of National Police prior to any act of purchase, sale or transportation of arms, ammunition and other related materials.

The special authorization shall also be accompanied by the following documents:

1. an authorization by his/her client permitting him/her to import or export arms, ammunition and other related materials;

2. a power of attorney permitting him/her to import, export or transport arms, ammunition and other related materials;

3. a list of brokers who will assist in such a transaction.

Article 62: Checking of Registers of Brokers

The National Police shall check registers of brokers every six (6) months and whenever deemed necessary.

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