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Marshall Islands. 2005 ‘Marking, Record Keeping and Tracing.’ National Report of the Marshall Islands on its Implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (UNPoA); Section 9, pp. 6-7. New York, NY: Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to the United Nations. 25 April

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9. Marking, Record Keeping and Tracing

(a) Does your country require licensed manufacturers of SALW to apply an appropriate and reliable marking on each weapon as an integral part of the production process?
Answer: Yes

(b) Is this marking unique?
Answer: Yes, the serial numbers must be different/unique.

(c) Does this marking identify the country of manufacture?
Answer: Yes, the name and address of the manufacturer is a mandatory prerequisite for registration.

(d) How does this marking otherwise allow concerned authorities to identify and trace the relevant weapon?
Answer: By referring to the serial number and the name and address of the manufacturer.

(e) How long are records kept on the manufacture, holding and transfer of SALW under your jurisdiction?
Answer: By law, the Office of the Attorney General is responsible for maintaining a registry of firearms and the records in the registry must be kept permanently unless there is a record of the destruction of the gun.

(f) What national measures exist for tracing SALW held and issued by
the State?
Answer: Pursuant to Title 7 MIRC, Section 22, "Whoever owns or possesses a firearm or dangerous device shall, within twenty-four (24) hours of discovery, notify the office of the Attorney-General of the loss, theft or destruction of any such firearm or dangerous device and, after such notice, of recovery thereof."

(g) Give details of any steps taken by your country to cooperate in tracing
illicit SALW, including the strengthening of mechanisms based on the exchange of relevant information.
Answer: If, in the event, there is a need for our country to cooperate in tracing illicit SALW, the Office of the Attorney General would take immediate action to initiate appropriate actions in order to comply with International laws prohibiting illicit trade of SALW.

[SALW = Small Arms and Light Weapons]

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