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Fiji. 2003 ‘Interpretation.’ Arms and Ammunition Act; Part 1 (Section 2). Suva: Office of the Attorney-General. 1 January

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(1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

"accessory" includes a magazine, sighting system, sling, weapon bag or case, weapon cleaning kit, ammunition belt, wooden stock for butt or fore or any component or part of any arms that does not affect the normal discharge of the arms;

"ammunition" (a) means live ammunition for any arms;
(b) and includes a missile, cartridge, cartridge case or anything designed or adapted for or capable of use with any arms, or designed or adapted to contain any noxious liquid, gas or other thing, and any military ordnance, grenade, mortar, rocket, naval shell, field gun ammunition, paint ball gun ammunition or charge used in explosive-operated power tools;
(c) but does not include a spear discharge from any arms solely for the purpose of killing fish;

"arms" (a) means:
(i) any lethal weapon with or without barrel of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged or which can be adapted for the discharge of any such shot, bullet or other missile; and
(ii) any weapon of any description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing dangerous to persons;
(b) and includes any component part of any weapon mentioned in paragraph (a)(i) or (ii), any accessory to any such weapon designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon and any explosive-operated power tool, ramset, hilt or fire nail fastener operated by pneumatic pressure;
(c) but does not include an article designed or adapted solely to discharge a spear for spearing fish;

"Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Police appointed under section 146 of the Constitution;

"imitation arms" means anything that has the appearance of any arms, whether or not capable of discharging a shot, bullet or other missile;

"missile" includes a shell, bullet, shot, dart or any other similar thing;

"pistol" means any arms or other weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged and of which the length of barrel (not including any revolving, detachable or magazine breech) does not exceed 9 inches (22cm);

ID: Q444

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