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Kenya. 2011 ‘Stockpile Management.’ National Policy on Small Arms and Light Weapons of the Republic of Kenya; Section 2.1, p. 17. Nairobi: Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security. 1 January

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Stockpile Management

The Government is committed to ensuring that all state agencies holding SALW (Small Arms and Light Weapons) observe strict accountability and adopt standardised systems for securing and tracing all SALW held and distributed by them. Towards this end, the Government shall:…

ii. Require the CFB (Central Firearms Bureau) to keep and maintain a register of all SALW in State possession, with the exception of those in the possession of the DoD (Department of Defence), who shall also maintain a register of SALW in its possession. While this will mean the existence of two separate databases, to enable the effective tracing of SALW, there shall be a link to allow exchange of information.

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