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Cukier, Wendy. 2005 ‘Military Assault Weapon Prohibitions by Country - Fiji.’ The Feasibility of Increased Restrictions on the Civilian Possession of Military Assault Weapons at the Global Level; Working Paper 05-2 (Appendix 1), p. 29. Waterloo, ON: Project Ploughshares: Small Arms Working Group of the Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee. 1 April

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Military Assault Weapon Prohibitions by Country - Fiji

Any arms, which are designed or adapted so that, if pressure is applied to the trigger, missiles continue to be discharged until pressure is removed from the
trigger or the magazine containing the missiles is empty, is prohibited from being imported into or manufactured in the Fiji Islands. (1)


Arms and Ammunition Bill, No. 6, 2003 (This bill is intended to repeal and replace the earlier Arms and Ammunition Act and has not yet been enacted.)
Arms and Ammunition Act, 1962 Penal Code, 1978
Firearms, Explosives and Ammunition (Amnesty) Act, 1998
Arms, Explosives and Ammunition (Amnesty) Decree, 2000

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