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Afonso, Carla. 2010 ‘Gun Violence in Numbers: the Dead and the Wounded - Conclusion.’ Violence and Small Arms: The Portuguese Case (Online Bulletin of the Peace Studies Group) (15), p. 12. Coimbra: Peace Studies Group - Centre for Social Studies, School of Economics, University of Coimbra. 1 December

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Every week, at least, 2 people die in Portugal as a result of firearms use. In 2002, Portugal registered a rate of 2.13 deaths by firearms per 100 thousand inhabitants and, in 2008, 1.2 intentional murders per 100 thousand inhabitants.

According to these figures, Portugal follows the European trend, being ahead of countries such as Spain, Norway, France and Germany.

It is important to underline the difficulties in obtaining rigorous data on gun mortality and morbility and in particularly information regarding the type of weapon used, the place of the occurrence (for example, if it happened in a domestic violence situation); and if the occurrence resulted in death.

Recognising the importance of the National Health Care System in the generation of relevant data to inform policies of violence prevention and combat, it is imperative to promote the integration of the data on gun mortality and morbility originating from the Hospitals and the Institutes of Forensic Medicine. Also important is to integrate its analysis as well as promote its adaptation to international regulations, namely those of the International Disease Coding.

[Source = UNODC 2008]

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