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Croatia. 2010 ‘Law on the Export and Import of Military and Non-Military Lethal Goods.’ Annual Report on Export and Import of Military Goods and Non-Military Lethal Goods in 2009, p. 7. Zagreb: Ministry of Labour, Economy and Entrepreneurship - Department for Enforcement Measures of Trade Policy. 1 October

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Law on the Export and Import of Military and Non-Military Lethal Goods

The Law prescribes the conditions for the export and import of military and non-military lethal goods for commercial purposes; the powers for the issuance of export and import licenses for military goods and non-military lethal goods within the competence of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior; the provision of services pertaining to military goods; the competences of state administration bodies participating in the implementation of the Law; the rights and obligations of exporters, importers and service providers; the conditions for pursuit of activities prescribed by the Law; and the control and administrative measures for those breaching the Law when national or foreign policy interests of the Republic of Croatia are endangered…

Military goods are goods mainly, but not solely constructed, created, assembled or modified for military purpose, including the technology and software connected to these goods that are listed in the List of Military Goods. The List of Military Goods is being harmonized with the EU Common Military List each current year for the previous year…

Non-military lethal goods are goods that are subject to export or import control due to their technical characteristics and possibilities of use, and that are specified in the List of Non-Military Lethal Goods for Commercial Purposes. The List of Non-Military Lethal Goods is a national list, and each member state of the European Union has the possibility to decide independently which types of goods will become part of its national list. Non-military lethal goods include hunting weapons and sporting arms and their parts; hunting and sporting ammunition and their parts; and commercial explosives, gunpowder and certain pyrotechnical products.

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