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Finland. 1998 ‘Scope of Application.’ Firearms Act (1/1998; amendments up to 804/2003 included); Chapter 1 (Sections 1 and 2). Helsinki: Minister of the Interior. 1 March

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Section 1: Scope of application

This Act applies to firearms, firearm components, cartridges and specially dangerous projectiles.

What is provided in this Act on firearms also applies to missile and rocket-launcher systems and gas sprays. However, sections 2-10, 12, 15, 31-33, 35, 35a, 36, 42-45, 45a, 45b, 46-55 and 56-63, section 66(1)(1-3), sections 68, 70-72, 74-77, 80-82, 89, 90, 110, 112 and 112a do not apply to gas sprays. The provisions on other exemptions concerning the scope of application are laid down in section 17. (601/2001)

Section 2: Firearm

Firearm means a tool with which bullets, pellets or other projectiles or incapacitating substances can be fired with the help of powder gas pressure, explosion pressure of primer mass or of other explosion pressure so that it may cause danger to people.

The following tools are not deemed firearms unless they can, without special knowledge and skills, be converted into tools with which bullets or pellets can be fired so that it may cause danger to people:
1) nail machines designed and manufactured to be used in construction work;
2) tools designed and manufactured to be used in life-saving or for a scientific or industrial purpose of use.

Provisions on the rendering of a firearm permanently unfit for use are laid down by decree.

[NB: Unofficial translation, legally binding only in Finnish and Swedish. Ministry of the Interior, Finland]

[Editor's Note: After reviewing available legislation and other source documents, found no evidence of a provision in law to regulate this aspect of firearm policy. As some authorities enforce restrictions only in practice, the mere absence of a published legal provision should be treated with caution]

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