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Lithuania. 2002 ‘Weapons Classified in Category A, Ammunition, Weapon Accessories.’ Republic of Lithuania Law on Control of Weapons and Ammunition 2002 No. IX-705 (As last amended on 14 January 2010 - No. XI-646); Chapter 2 (Article 3). Vilnius: Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. 15 January

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Weapons Classified in Category A, Ammunition, Weapon Accessories

The following weapons, devices, objects, ammunition, weapon accessories shall be classified in Category A:

1) explosive military missiles and launchers;
2) automatic firearms;
3) weapons disguised as other objects;
4) ammunition with penetrating, explosive or incendiary projectiles and the projectiles for such ammunition, as well as their launchers;
5) pistol and revolver ammunition with expanding bullets and the bullets for such ammunition, except in the case of weapons for hunting or for target shooting, for persons entitled to use them;
6) silencers and night sights;
7) cannons of all calibres, howitzers, mortars;
8) grenades, grenade launchers, including tear grenades and their launchers;
9) all types of bombs, torpedoes, mines, their loaded shells and unloaded projectiles, and their launchers;
10) flame throwers and all incendiary projectiles;
11) weapons the laser rays of which are used for military purposes or to destroy targets;
12) weapons and devices intended for chemical impact on targets;
13) archery weapons the full tension force of which exceeds 1,200 N;
14) firearms the construction of which allows them to be used disassembled or they are changed in such a way that they can be easily hidden;
15) weapons in which radioactive, electromagnetic, light, heat, infrasound or ultrasound radiation, hazardous biological impact, gas dangerous to health or other material or energy dangerous to health or life is used as a means destroying the target or otherwise inflicting damage on it;
16) ammunition for the weapons of Category A only;
17) sniper rifles for military use;

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