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Legett, Ted. 2008 ‘Croatia.’ Crime and Its Impact on the Balkans; Figure 29, p. 38. Vienna: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). 1 March

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According to Croatian police statistics, murder in that country has been in decline over the last nine years, starting from a very low base.

If the national police figures were comparable to the standardised figures, the murder rate in Croatia would be currently about one third of the European average, close to that of Japan.

In 2006, the police recorded just 68 murders, in a country of some 4.5 million people.

Figure 29: Croatian Murder Rate [homicides per 100,000 population]

1998: 1.9
1999: 1.8
2000: 1.6
2001: 1.6
2002: 1.0
2003: 1.1
2004: 1.3
2005: 1.2
2006: 1.0

[Source= Elaborated from data of the Ministry of the Interior of Croatia]

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