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Langmead, James. 2011 ‘Gun Statistics in South Australia.’ South Australia Police, Firearms Control System (FCS). Adelaide: Firearms Branch, South Australia Police. 8 February

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Gun Statistics in South Australia

As at June 2010 there were 64,081 licences recorded on the Firearms Control System (FCS). It is important to note and stress that this refers to total number of licences only and not the number of licensed firearms owners. A person may (and many do) have multiple licences such as private firearms licence, collectors licence, security licence or dealers licence - and there are sub categories under this as well for persons such as dealers assistants (and these people may not have any firearms attached to their licence but are licensed to allow them to work for a dealer). Similarly, security guards may be licensed to carry a firearm at work but not have any firearms of their own. At the present time the FCS cannot break these figures down into sub categories.

As at June 2010 there were 18,480 handguns registered in SA. As noted in previous media articles, the original figures given for SA at 40,000+ were incorrect because of changes to counting rules etc. Changes to the counting rules has now occurred and the figure provided is now accurate.

The total number of firearms recorded in SA at June 2010 was 286,270. Again, it is important to stress that this includes all lost, missing and stolen firearms that have occurred over many years. SA was the first state to initiate the recording/registering of firearms in the 1920's and has continued without interruption to today. It is highly likely that some of the lost/missing will never be recovered because of the age of the record. However, we do not take them from the system for obvious reasons.

Again the FCS does not currently provide these figures and we are working to have a new series of reports generated that will provide us with this information.

[Email correspondence from Chief Inspector Jim Langmead, Officer in Charge, Firearms Branch, South Australia Police, 8 Feb 2011].

ID: Q3778

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