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UNDP. 2006 ‘Civilian Possession - Legal Possession.’ SALW Survey - Assessing Demand for SALW in FYR Macedonia; Section 2Bc, p. 15. Skopje: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) / PCSS Project. 1 March

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Civilian Possession

Legal Possession

Hunting rifles
Natural Persons: 70,574
Legal Entities: 439
Shooting Assiciations: 0

Combined hunting rifles
Natural Persons: 391
Legal Entities: 0
Shooting Associations: 0

Semiautomatic hunting rifles
Natural Persons: 148
Legal Entities: 0
Shooting Associations: 0

Hunting carbines
Natural Persons: 10,982
Legal Entities: 1,885
Shooting Associations: 19

Natural Persons: 2,140
Legal Entities: 2,700
Shooting Associations: 207

Small-calibre rifles
Natural Persons: 4,508
Legal Entities: 664
Shooting Associations: 607

Small-calibre pistols
Natural Persons: 475
Legal Entities: 145
Shooting Associations: 52

Pistols and revolvers
Natural Persons: 48,128
Legal Entities: 5,890
Shooting Associations: 14

Air arms
Natural Persons: 2,428
Legal Entities: 745
Shooting Associations: 1,343

Air guns
Natural Persons: 69
Legal Entities: 6
Shooting Associations: 94

Semi-automatic Carbines
Natural Persons: 0
Legal Entities: 1,323
Shooting Associations: 0

Flobers (revolvers)
Natural Persons: 9
Legal Entities: 0
Shooting Associations: 0


Natural Persons: 139,857
Legal Entities: 13,797
Shooting Associations: 2,342

[Source = Ministry of the Interior 2003]

ID: Q3759

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