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Taylor, Zachary, Charlotte Phillips and Srdjan Bogosavljevic. 2005 ‘Ministry of Interior (MUP) Holdings.’ Living with the Legacy: SALW Survey of the Republic of Serbia; Section 4.5.1 (Table 9), pp. 17-18. London: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) / Saferworld. 1 March

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Ministry of the Interior (MUP) Holdings

The Ministry of the Interior has traditionally been the chief body responsible for the provision of security in Serbia. While this survey was unable to obtain recent statistics on its SALW holdings, it did learn that there are approximately 30,000 police, border police and special police, along with 2,000 members of the Gendarmerie and 3,400 firemen, all of whom have access to arms.

Due to the lack of available MUP data it was necessary to consult other informed sources. Estimates of weapons held by frontline MUP personnel were between 1 and 3 per person, giving an average of 1.5. Extrapolated to all MUP personnel this suggests a figure of 53,100 firearms. In addition to this number, there are approximately 9,000 firearms awaiting destruction from the previous amnesty that the MUP has in storage. This gives a total figure of 62,100 firearms under the control of the MUP.

MUP Holdings:

MUP Formation Firearms
Number of Firearms: 53,100

MUP firearms awaiting destruction
Number of Firearms: 9.000

Total Number of Firearms: 62,100

[MUP = Ministry of the Interior; SALW = Small arms and light weapons]

[Source: Saferworld's correspondence with Vladimir Mihailovic, 03 October 2004. Saferworld interview with Col Slobodan Milickovic, MUP Fire Brigade Commander, 11 November 2004. Saferworld interview with Dejan Raketic, Captain, Fire Arms Department, Dept. of Administration of Border Police Secretariat, MUP, Belgrade, 03 October 2004; Saferworld with Nikola Barovic, Barrister, Belgrade, 08 September 2004.]

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