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Taylor, Zachary, Charlotte Phillips and Srdjan Bogosavljevic. 2005 ‘Legal Civilian Possession.’ Living with the Legacy: SALW Survey of the Republic of Serbia; Section 4.2 (Table 5), p. 11. London: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) / Saferworld. 1 March

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Legal Civilian Possession

Types of firearm: Historically there have been more handguns than rifles registered in Serbia; however, this appears to be changing. In the last year that figures were available, there were twice as many licenses issued for rifles (9,121) than for handguns (3,927).

According to official MUP figures, the total number of registered weapons is broken down as follows:

Breakdown of registered weapons (2003):

Registered number: 543,070: 49 %

Registered number: 449,376: 40 %

Registered number: 110,854: 11 %

Total 1,103,300

[MUP = Ministry of the Interior]

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