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Montserrat. 2000 ‘Prohibited Weapons and Ammunition.’ Laws of Montserrat, Chapter 10.02, Firearms Act and Subsidiary Legislation, Revised Edition showing the law as at 1 January 2008; Article 3. Plymouth: Law Revision Commissioner. 15 November

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Prohibited weapons and ammunition

3. (1) Subject of this Act, it is an offence for any person to -
(a) have in his possession; or
(b) import; or
(c) carry; or
(d) manufacture; or
(e) supply or offer to supply to another; or
(f) be concerned in the supplying to another of, any of the following -

(i) any firearm which is so designed or adapted that, if pressure is applied to the trigger, missiles continue to be discharged until pressure is removed from the trigger or the magazine containing the ammunition is empty;

(ii) any weapons designed to fire any rocket designed to fire any rocket projectile and any such projectile;

(iii) any mortar, anti-tank gun, bazooka or piece of artillery or the live ammunition therefor;

(iv) any firearm the barrel of which is less than 24 inches in length;

(v) any firearm or ammunition which has been cut down, modified or otherwise changed from its original form other than a shot gun the barrel of which has been lawfully shortened under section 27;

(vi) any air rifle, air weapon, air gun or air pistol;

(vii) any firearm or ammunition which bears the appearance of having been manufactured in a place other than a place where firearms or ammunition are normally manufactured for commerce or by a person other than a person engaged in the commercial manufacture of firearms or ammunition;

(viii) any ammunition containing, or designed or adapted to contain, any noxious thing;

(ix) any live bomb or live hand grenade except a hand grenade manufactured for the purpose of extinguishing fires.

(2) Nothing in this section shall apply to a firearm or ammunition held under the authority of a gun licence or, in the case of a firearm or ammunition held by a licensed firearm dealer, which would require such authority where he is not a licensed firearm dealer.

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