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Pietz, Tobias, Rebekka Edelmann and Elvan Isikozlu. 2006 ‘Exports and Transfers.’ SALW Survey of Croatia; Section 2.4 (Table 6), p. 10. Belgrade: South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC) / Bonn International Center for Conversion. 1 November

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Exports and Transfers

Besides the export and sale of weapons and ammunition by Croatian producers, the government has been regularly selling and transferring surplus weapons from the armed forces, the police, and SALW [small arms and light weapons] obtained through collection campaigns. Unfortunately, the government did not provide the survey team with official numbers on Croatia's overall exports over the past several years.

Value of SALW-related exports in USD (1999 - 2003) (Source: NISAT Database, 16 May 2006):

Exports per year (Total in USD):

1999: 2,200,871
2000: 1,553,251
2001: 6,025,918
2002: 6,379,069
2003: 10,657,549
2004: 12,300,154

Nevertheless, looking at the number provided by the Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers (NISAT) in their database, there has been continuous growth in SALW exports from Croatia. The total value of exported weapons and ammunition has increased by almost five times between 1999 and 2003 to a total of over US$ 10 million. This increase is mainly due to the success of HS Produkt in the American market, as 70 percent of the value of exports are pistols from this producer.

[NISAT = Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers]

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