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Belize. 2008 ‘Prohibited Firearms, Ammunition and other Materials.’ Statutory Instrument No.70 of 2008, Firearms (Amendment of Schedules) Order, 2008; Second Schedule (Section 35). Belmopan: Minister of National Security and the Commissioner of Police. 12 June

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Prohibited Firearms, Ammunition and other Materials

1. Rifles of calibre greater than 7.62 mm or 0.30 inch
2. All Assault Rifles
3. Machine Guns of any calibre
4. Rifles designed or adapted to have bayonet affixed
5. Sawed-off Rifles of any type
6. Rifle that is a replica of or designed for security forces in Belize

Shot Guns
7. Shot guns of barrel length 21 inches or under
8. Rifled shotguns

Hand Guns
9. Hand Guns of calibre greater than 9mm or .38inch
10. All firearms chambered for Magnum cartridges except for .22 inch or 5.6mm
11. Homemade firearm of any type or calibre
12. .22 pen guns and flare guns
13. Any altered handgun to make it semi or fully automatic

14. All types of firearm sound suppressors
15. Extended magazines for handguns
16. Bullet-proof vest or similar protective apparel except by security/military personnel
17. Any armour-piercing ammunition of any calibre
18. Any equipment, material or accessories to be used in recharging of any expended ammunition or light weapon casing

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