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Serbia. 1998 ‘Article 2.’ Republic of Serbia, Rules on Closer Conditions Governing the Method of Storing and Safeguarding the Arms and Ammunition; Article 2. Belgrade: Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia. 24 December

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Article 2

The state and other bodies, companies, institutions, organizations and other legal entities which may be indirectly in charge of physical protection and protection of facilities, or may be engaged in conducting activities involving the usage of fire arms, or special arms, the companies and retail stores dealing in the selling of arms, parts of arms and ammunition and companies and retail stores engaged in the repair and reconstruction of arms, shall keep the fire arms and special arms, parts of arms and ammunition, in premises which will be built to observe the following preconditions:

1) any opening in the building shall be covered by a latticed structure, with maximum eye opening of 150x150 mm. The grid has to be welded, made of steel sections of the following dimensions:
1) equal angle iron, 20x20x3 mm
2) unequal angle iron, 20x20x3 mm
3) U-beam, 65 mm
4) I-beam, 80 mm
5) Square steel sections with one side not less than 20 mm

2) the connection between the grid from the point 1) hereof and its respective support shall provide the same extent of breaking strength as that of the lattice girder;

3) the premises shall be isolated to represent a separate group in terms of fire protection;

4) central heating, if there is any, has to be of the standard type (hot water or steam);

5) electric installations have to be designed and installed in line with rules defining technical conditions for the installing of low voltage electric installations (Official Gazette of the SFRY, No. 53/88 and 54/88 and Official Gazette of the FRY No. 28/95);

6) installations for the escape ventilation holes, if there are any, with ventilation channels at the entrance of the premises, have to be equipped with fire-prevention lid.

In the premises from paragraph 1 hereof, the arms, parts of arms and ammunition shall be safeguarded in the safes, steel cabinets or in boxes made of reinforced concrete and provided with doors made of steel.

Ammunition and arms shall be safeguarded in different places, separate one from another.

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