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Serbia. 1992 ‘Article 31.’ Republic of Serbia Law on Weapons and Ammunition, No.9/92 [Law as 2003]; Part V (Article 31). Belgrade: Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia. 1 January

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Article 31

State and other authorities, companies, institutions, other legal persons and shops shall keep the records as follows:
1) organs, companies, institutions and other legal persons directly performing physical protection or objects' protection - records on weapons and ammunition for physical protection;

2) companies and other organizations in charge of hunting grounds - records on hunting weapons and ammunition;

3) shooters' organizations - records on sporting weapons and ammunition;

4) organs, companies, institutions and other legal persons who in performing their operations use special weapons - records on special weapons;

5) companies and shops for trade with weapons - records on weapons and ammunition trade;

6) companies and shops for repair and alternation of the weapons - records on repaired and alternated weapons;

7) authorized organizations - records on persons trained for handling firearms and issued certificates.

Records on submitted applications and issued permits to acquire weapons and ammunition, issued weapon permits, permits to possess weapons, dispossessed, found and delivered weapons, weapon components and ammunition, notified ancient weapons and string weapons shall be maintained by relevant authorities.

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