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Serbia. 1992 ‘Article 29.’ Republic of Serbia Law on Weapons and Ammunition, No.9/92 [Law as 2003]; Part III (Article 29). Belgrade: Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia. 1 January

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Article 29

Transport of the weapons, weapon components and ammunition containing explosive or incendiary material shall require permit issued by the relevant authorities.

Application for permit issuance transport agent shall submit 24 hours at the latest before transport starts. An application shall contain: name and address of the sender, type, quantity and way of packing of the weapons, weapon components and ammunition; name and address of the producer; name and address of the transport agent; date and time of starting the transport; route and final destination; type and mark of the transportation mean; name and address of the receiver.

If necessary the relevant authority shall order the transport agent to undertake special precaution measures while transporting weapons, weapon components and ammunition. Cost of special precaution measures shall be born by transport agent.

The permit from paragraph 1 of this Article shall not be issued if so required by the security and defense of the Republic.

The permit shall not be necessary if transport of weapons, weapon components and ammunition is done for the needs of the Yugoslav Army.

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