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Serbia. 1992 ‘Article 15.’ Republic of Serbia Law on Weapons and Ammunition, No.9/92 [Law as 2003]; Part II (Article 15). Belgrade: Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia. 1 January

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Article 15

In case of selling weapon, permit i.e. permit to possess weapon together with permit to acquire it shall be handed over to the relevant authorities within eight days from the day of its sale.

In case of exchange of weapon of the same type for which the permit has been a person exchanging it shall hand over permit to the relevant authorities to be issued new one eight days from the day of performed exchange.

An individual possessing weapon, if changing the place of residence, shall inform relevant authorities in the new place of residence on this change eight days from the day of residence change.

Members of the family of the deceased weapon holder shall inform relevant authorities on that fact 30 days from the day of death.

An individual in possession of deceased person's weapon shall hand it over to the relevant authorities to be stored until a decision is made in accordance with this Law.

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