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St Lucia. 2003 ‘Regulations.’ Saint Lucia Firearms Act No.9 of 2003; Part VI (Section 53). Castries: House of Assembly and the Senate of Saint Lucia. 20 January

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53. The Minister may make Regulations —
(a) prescribing the form of certificates, licences, returns or other documents under this Act;
(b) prescribing the criteria to be satisfied by an applicant for purposes of section 4 (5) (a) to (i);
(c) prescribing the requirements to be satisfied in respect of a place where firearms or ammunition are to be stored or kept before such place may be approved by the Commissioner as a place of safety for the purposes of this Act and for the manner in which such place is to be secured;
(d) prescribing fees for the grant or renewal of licences or permits;
(e) prescribing fees for endorsements under section 13;
(f) prescribing the manner by which any notice under this Act may be given;
(g) controlling or regulating the importation, sale, possession or use of hand grenades manufactured for the purpose of extinguishing fires, and the application of this Act in relation to such bombs and hand grenades;
(h) prescribing the standard for shooting ranges;
(i) prescribing anything which, by this Act, is permitted or required to be prescribed;
(j) generally for carrying this Act into effect.

[According to section 2 of this Act, "Minister" means Minister responsible for Security, and "Commissioner" means Commissioner of Police]

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