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Montenegro. 1992 ‘Article 16.’ Republic of Montenegro Law on Firearms, No. 31/92; Part II. Podgorica: Official Gazette of Montenegro. 1 January

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Article 16

Permit to acquire firearms shall not be issued in the following cases:
1) to underage person;

2) to mentally sick or mentally retarded person;

3) to a person sentenced for criminal offences: attack against constitutional order, endangering territorial integrity, undermining military and defence strength, armed rebellion, terrorism, destruction of important economic installations, violation of territorial sovereignty, hijacking, threatening flight safety, murder, grave body injury, kidnapping, raping, sex and unnatural lechery with minors, grave theft, robbery, grave robbery, provoking general danger, attack against official person in performing public security duties, manufacturing and acquiring weapons and means for committing criminal offence, being a member of a group which has committed criminal offence, light body injury inflicted by weapons, endangering safety, for taking part in fights, endangering one with dangerous means in fight or row, exposure to danger, abandonment of disabled person, illegal arrest, illegal hunt, hold-up, extortion, blackmail, preventing official person in performing his/her duty, for bullying behaviour and illegal possession of the weapons and explosive materials, until sentence is erased from penalty register;

4) to a person against whom criminal procedure is instituted in accordance with the service requirements for committing criminal offence while the procedure is conducted;

5) to a person who has been sentenced for violating public peace and order by using firearms or who has committed offence defined by this Law in the period of three years prior to the day of applying for permit to acquire weapons and

6) to a person against whom a proceeding is instituted for violating public peace and order by using firearms or for the offence defined by this Law while the proceeding is conducted;

Permit to acquire weapons shall not be issued if it is in the interest of public peace and order or security.

In decision rejecting an application for permit to acquire weapons, pursuant to the paragraph 2 of this Article, relevant authority shall not be obliged to give reasons for such refusal.

Enclosed to application for permit to acquire weapons shall also be medical certificate on applicant's fitness to carry and possess weapons as well as certificate that no criminal or other proceeding has been instituted against him for the offences proscribed by this Law.

An appeal against the decision rejecting the permit to acquire weapons from the paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article or ammunition from the Article 12 of this Law shall be forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior.

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